In these days of social media, it seems that new and wannabe writers often look to other newbie writers for advice and direction. This behaviour always seemed odd to me. In most other fields, people would look to those who have mastered their craft.

Over the years, I’ve often looked to the great writers for their best advice for writing and the writer’s life. The truth is that not all of their advice is applicable, but there is much to be learned from what they have to say.

This week, I have five tips from five great writers.

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Why is writing correctly so important? It doesn’t matter whether you write ad copy, corporate blog posts or novels; it’s important because it provides us with a set of shared understandings of the meaning of words, phrases and sentences. And those are the building blocks of writing.

A proper grasp…

Have you noticed something? Everything these days is awesome. Your coffee order at Starbucks is, “Awesome!” or so says the barista. You’ve just told the drycleaner that you’re dropping off two suit jackets. That, too, is “Awesome.” The sad truth is that when everything is awesome, nothing is awesome.


I can hardly believe that it’s been eight years since I first wrote about my adventures in writing with a partner. As I said at the time, “I don’t play well with others.” And that has not changed. That being said, I have, indeed, collaborated on four books in my…

Academics embark on their scholarly careers for a variety of reasons. Often they want to pursue their personal research agenda. Sometimes they even want to teach. Personally, I was an “accidental academic” falling into an academic career path for reasons of opportunity practicality. But in the twenty-first century, regardless of…

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